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Leapfrog Works 2022.1

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Leapfrog Works 2022.1


Ottieni una visione del sottosuolo con Leapfrog Works.

Modellazione geologica dinamica in 3D per progetti di ingegneria civile e ambientale.

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Perché scegliere Leapfrog Works

Trasformare dati complessi in visualizzazioni chiare e di facile interpretazione

Leapfrog Works vi aiuta a visualizzare e comprendere i vostri dati in modo da poter comunicare i rischi con gli operatori di tutti i livelli tecnici, in modo da prendere decisioni migliori su tutti i vostri progetti di ingegneria civile e ambientale.

Risparmiare tempo per le analisi

Cambiate il modo di guardare e lavorare con i dati grazie a flussi di lavoro semplificati. Generate rapidamente sezioni trasversali e utilizzate strumenti che integrano i vostri modelli con i progetti di ingegneria.

Aumentate la produttività della modellazione 3D del sottosuolo con la creazione e l’aggiornamento rapido dei modelli geologici. Quando vengono inseriti nuovi dati, i modelli e gli output (come le sezioni trasversali) si aggiornano dinamicamente senza doverli ricreare, risparmiando tempo e denaro.

La modellazione 3D del sottosuolo offre un livello di precisione ed efficienza senza pari nella comprensione delle condizioni del terreno. È possibile identificare e valutare meglio i rischi in ogni fase del ciclo di vita del progetto e individuare tempestivamente i problemi.

Comunicare in modo chiaro

La visione in 3D delle informazioni sul sottosuolo chiarisce anche i dati più complessi, offrendo un livello di comprensione più elevato.

I modelli 3D del sottosuolo, estremamente dettagliati, aiutano a interpretare meglio le condizioni del terreno. Comunicate più chiaramente i rischi a tutte le parti interessate utilizzando gli strumenti di visualizzazione gratuiti, tra cui Seequent View, Leapfrog Viewer e filmati, ed esportate immagini di alta qualità e layout di sezione per relazioni e presentazioni.

Collaborare con tutti i team

Leapfrog Works supporta i formati di dati di indagine del terreno standard del settore. È inoltre possibile combinare i modelli geologici con i progetti ingegneristici, i flussi di lavoro BIM e i modelli di flusso delle acque sotterranee, per avere un quadro completo del progetto.

Collaborate con i geologi quando dovete prendere decisioni critiche sulle condizioni del terreno. Combinate il vostro Modello informativo geologico con i vostri Building Information Models e consentite la collaborazione con altri team per sviluppare un Modello informativo dell’infrastruttura.

Migliorate l’analisi dei dati geoscientifici

Lavorate senza problemi in ambienti GIS e di geoscienza grazie all’integrazione Esri integrata e alla connettività plug-in con MapInfo.

Dynamic 3D modelling

Easily copy and build multiple models to explore various hypotheses and then update them dynamically with your latest information. Automatically add new borehole data while parameters hold true.

Create static models for comparison and reference. Spend less time building models and more time interpreting and sharing.

Ground type classifications

Rapidly build 3D geological and numeric models from a wide variety of data sources including borehole, structural, GIS, 2D grid, map, point, polyline, mesh/surface, historical cross section data, geotechnical investigations, well screens, or points.

Apply an array of modelling methods and powerful intuitive interpolant controls. Perform structural modelling and use borehole planning tools. Combine rock mass ratings, soil behaviour, or contaminant concentrations with geological domains for combined ground type classifications.

Collaboration and sharing

Easily share your cross sections, images and movies, interactive 3D scenes, BIM, and CAD data outputs, not only enhancing productivity but your understanding.

Visualise and share projects rapidly with Central for better workflow and communication, allowing everyone from technical staff to non-technical stakeholders to understand what the data is saying.


Connect directly to Bentley’s OpenGround Cloud platform to access your single source of geotechncial data. Easily import and export geotechnical and geoenvironmental data to specialist software packages, including GIS data from Esri geodatabases and shapefiles, Map Info, or raster images and maps.

Export seamlessly in industry recognised BIM formats and publish directly into the BIM environment. Integrate Drawing eXchange Format (DXF), Civil3D, and AutoCAD Drawing (DWG) formats from Autodesk.

Engineering designs

Don’t wait for the CAD department to process your job, work directly with your engineering data in the geological context model.

Rapidly visualise and understand detailed tunnel, motorway earthworks, bridge, dam and building foundation designs in geological context. Integrate designs, build surface topography, and create excavation volumes to inform design. Import alignments and create longitudinal sections, fast.

Environmental insight

3D geological modelling makes it easy for you to build geology and initial values for groundwater flow simulation.

Rapidly assess contaminant plumes or saltwater intrusion by combing geological models with water sample screens or geophysical data. Model directly from screens in AGS or gINT projects. Visualise plumes or saltwater wedge intrusion in 3D. Then, use the Hydrogeology Solution Kit to easily combine with flow models.

Generate cross sections

Make sections anywhere on site in minutes, not hours. Visualise from any angle, turn, rotate, and rapidly detect errors. Work intuitively with tools that help you advance your analysis and recognise correlations and trends. Update dynamically as the model evolves.

Import historic sections and maps. Tailor outputs for reports, CAD, or geotechnical analysis.

Hydrogeology Extension

Use this optional kit to incorporate MODFLOW and FEFLOW flow models to further reduce your risk. Easily use lithology models as the basis for flow models to visualise modelling results.

Import, create, and assign properties to MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids/meshes from your subsurface model. Visualise grids in a 3D scene and share your models with free tools Leapfrog Viewer and Seequent View.

Contaminants extension

Bring contaminant data directly into your Leapfrog Works 3D geological models. This intuitive, interactive extension allows you to characterise, visualise, and create auditable estimates of contaminant mass and location in land and groundwater environments.
Learn more.

Nuove caratteristiche in Leapfrog Works 2022.1

This release of Leapfrog Works brings a suite of developments across the board to user experience, science and algorithms, performance improvements and increased interoperability.

The latest version includes a reinvigoration of long-standing features such as the borehole correlation tool, with upgrades based on customer feedback and collaboration.

We’re working to support and improve stakeholder communication, with the addition of contextual labels to block models and drillholes as well as enhanced layouts and views.

Continued developments include upgrades to existing libraries and restructuring project storage with significant improvements to storage and processing speed.

Once again, you can expect faster workflows with new options for easier interoperability between popular industry software solutions.


Our popular drillhole correlation tool has seen major improvements to its interface to enhance its appearance and usability. Now you can add custom colourmaps and labels to numeric data, along with smart selection of which data values are visible, minimising unnecessary visual clutter.


Expect significant improvements to Leapfrog’s scene visualisation technology with two important enhancements to block models – a 2D slice mode and the ability to have multiple display labels of blocks.
Blocks can be filled or have an outline, have one or many labels with independent colourmaps and a fixed-sized (and in some cases scaled) gap set to visually separate adjacent blocks.
These features are available for Block models and Octree block models, but not sub-blocked models.
This feature is only available for Leapfrog Works users with Contaminants Extension.


We’ve made improvements based on customer feedback to improve workflows involving several serial sections, as well as stand-alone cross-sections.
Now you can create a higher-level template layout that can be applied to all child layouts from the various section types.
In addition, a new ‘Plan View’ is now available for sections; enabling you to access and share site maps to illustrate how they relate to other elements of a site and set the context for the section to be interpreted.
These enhancements give you the ability to complete more of your workflows within Leapfrog. Save time previously spent creating site maps in alternative programs, with added capability for data sharing with external stakeholders.


Introducing a new, intuitive and interactive way to create quality 2.5D unstructured MODFLOW grids. Now you can define boundary conditions based on features within the model (boreholes/wells, rivers, faults) and either 2D unstructured, layered grids or fully unstructured grids.
We’ve built deeper interoperability into this release, with new ways to share and consume data between packages, bringing further workflow enhancements.
This feature is only available for Leapfrog Works users with Hydrogeology Extension.

Download The Full Release Notes

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Bring contaminant data into 3D geological models

Conoscere il cumulo. Aggiungete un’estensione intuitiva e interattiva che vi aiuti a creare stime trasparenti e verificabili della massa dei contaminanti.

Leverage your Ground Penetrating Rader (GPR) and Seismic data in Leapfrog

Aggiungete l’estensione Geophysics a Leapfrog Works per integrare senza problemi i dati sismici e del Ground Penetrating Radar per guidarne l’interpretazione e visualizzarli nel contesto del modello geologico 3D.

Requisiti di sistema di Leapfrog Works

We recommend you use Windows 10, with a reasonably fast processor, mid range graphics and 32GB of system memory.

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