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Leapfrog Geo 2022.1

Produttore: Seequent

Leapfrog Geo 2022.1


Scoprite le tendenze nei dati grazie a Leapfrog Geo.

Integra, comunica e interpreta rapidamente i dati geologici grazie alla modellazione 3D leader del settore.

Adalta è Rivenditore Ufficiale per l’Italia di Seequent Leapfrog Geo. Richiesta quotazione…

Perché scegliere Leapfrog Geo

Dedicare tempo alla geologia, non ai dati

La modellazione geologica Leapfrog è fatta da geologi, per geologi.

I flussi di lavoro intuitivi, l’elaborazione rapida dei dati e gli strumenti di visualizzazione consentono di riunire i team e di avviare le discussioni che aiutano a prendere le decisioni.

Risparmiare tempo per l’interpretazione

Costruire e perfezionare modelli geologici con strumenti di facile utilizzo. Inserite grandi serie di dati e generate rapidamente modelli direttamente dai dati, senza dover ricorrere a lunghe operazioni in versione “bozza”. I dati geologici vengono visualizzati rapidamente in 3D e si ottengono così informazioni visive che guidano le interpretazioni.

Quando si aggiungono nuovi dati a un modello, le regole e i parametri già impostati vengono applicati automaticamente. Se si apporta una modifica a un modello, tutti i modelli dipendenti vengono aggiornati istantaneamente, per garantire che i modelli siano sempre aggiornati.

L’analisi dei dati è rapida e intuitiva grazie alle funzioni di Leapfrog Geo, come l’analisi esplorativa dei dati, la funzione di distanza, la modellazione strutturale, la modellazione delle vene e gli strumenti di interpolazione degli indicatori.

Ridurre al minimo i rischi e l’incertezza

Testate nuove idee e perfezionate il vostro modello, rapidamente. Duplicate i modelli e applicate flussi di lavoro semplificati in modo da poter iterare le interpretazioni nel momento in cui si rendono disponibili nuove informazioni.

Copiare, modificare, testare e condividere rapidamente interpretazioni alternative. Tenere traccia di come sono state prese le decisioni per l’auditing con una registrazione di tutti i dati di input e dei parametri utilizzati per costruire una superficie.

Mettete d’accordo team e operatori non tecnici condividendo modelli 3D o sezioni 2D con annotazioni. Create filmati del vostro modello per illustrare chiaramente le idee ed esportate immagini di alta qualità per relazioni e presentazioni.

Incorporare tutti i vostri dati

Inserite i dati direttamente dalle soluzioni dei partner leader del settore, come acQuire, Maptek, ioGAS Link, IMDEXHUB-IQ, ALS Coreviewer, Coreshed e Imago.

Importare e lavorare con molti tipi diversi di dati, come GIS, mappe e immagini, pozzi di trivellazione, punti, dati geofisici, strutturali, mesh, polilinee e dati geochimici.

Costruite il vostro modello migliore, rapidamente

Dedicate il vostro tempo a testare le idee e a prendere le decisioni migliori con flussi di lavoro semplificati e strumenti progettati per i geologi.

La modellazione geologica con Leapfrog fornisce:

An intuitive interface

Leapfrog Geo offers tools crafted for the geologist and logical workflows that save time and frustration, as well as shorten training times.

Users can learn the fundamentals in just a few days and quickly become proficient, allowing faster modelling and making more time for scientific analysis.

Domain modelling

Build complex geological models rapidly from drillhole data, structural data, points, polylines, and meshes in the project.

  • Add rules or user choices to groupings or sub-settings of data
  • Define a surface chronology to determine the cutting relationships
  • Model surfaces, volumes, veins, and stratigraphic sequences
  • Model complex vein systems that fold, curve, and bifurcate from one another
  • Apply structural data to influence and guide the overall geometry of surfaces
  • Define faults and the relationships between them within the fault system.

Numeric modelling

Easily build isosurfaces from drillholes and point data. See visual trends in the data and continuity in surfaces. Advance understanding with rapid first pass visualisation of patterns in numeric data.

  • Quickly construct and visualise isosurfaces of numeric data for rapid insight
  • Incorporate complex anisotropies
  • Create indicator models to guide further work
  • Build multi-domained interpolants
  • Export interpolant volumes, isosurfaces, and composites
  • Create geologically realistic grade domains through incorporating structural data.

Add on resource estimation extension Leapfrog Edge  to carry out robust resource estimates.


Being able to rapidly visualise in 3D brings clarity and understanding to even complex data.

Interactive 2D and 3D visualisation tools aid in analysing your data and spotting correlations and patterns. View a model from any angle, discover trends, and detect errors.

  • Analyse data using statistical tools such as scatter plots, Q-Q plots, box plots, and histograms
  • Highlight high grades in the scene to reveal continuity
  • Visualise structural data in 2D or 3D
  • Build a scene using multiple models to visualise relationships
  • Cut slices and change object transparency to see inside the model
  • Select, view, and rearrange drillholes

Block modelling

Easily build block models in 3D and keep them up-to-date.

  • Import block models in Isatis and UBC formats
  • Assign properties to blocks from geological and numeric models
  • Create sub-blocked models and define triggering surfaces
  • Export models in common industry formats

When coupled with optional extension Leapfrog Edge it provides a complete resource estimation solution.


Communicate your insights with anyone in the organisation by displaying cross sections, renders, scenes, and movies in 2D and 3D.
Help team members and stakeholders with different levels of technical knowledge understand your model, and have conversations that lead to decisions.

  • Set up and save 3D scenes that illustrate important aspects of the model
  • Annotate scenes to add further information
  • Render images for use in reports
  • Export a series of scenes as a scene file that can be displayed/shared in Leapfrog Viewer
  • Use scenes to create and export a movie
  • Publish Leapfrog Geo projects to Seequent Central for version control and build models in collaboration
  • Share models with anyone using the free Leapfrog Viewer app


Your Seequent ID allows you to sign in and receive updates to your Leapfrog Geo software from anywhere with internet connection. Going off the grid? Sign in online and your software will run on your computer without connection for up to 30 days.

On your MySeequent account, discover in-depth training courses, events, as well as helpful tips and tricks – and our User Help Centre.

La tecnologia Seequent supporta l’interoperabilità

Seequent è un membro del Global Mining Guidelines Group, composto da rappresentanti di società di software e di estrazione mineraria che collaborano allo sviluppo dell’Open Mining Format (OMF), una specifica di file open-source per l’interoperabilità dei dati 3D.

Nuove caratteristiche in Leapfrog Geo 2022.1

This release of Leapfrog Geo brings a suite of developments across the board to user experience, science and algorithms, performance improvements and increased interoperability.

The latest version includes a reinvigoration of long-standing features such as the drillhole correlation tool, with upgrades based on customer feedback and collaboration.

We’re working to support and improve stakeholder communication, with the addition of contextual labels to block models and drillholes as well as enhanced layouts and views.

Continued developments include upgrades to existing libraries and restructuring project storage with significant improvements to storage and processing speed.

Once again, you can expect faster workflows with new options for easier interoperability between popular industry software solutions.


Our popular drillhole correlation tool has seen major improvements to its interface to enhance its appearance and usability. Now you can add custom colourmaps and labels to numeric data, along with smart selection of which data values are visible, minimising unnecessary visual clutter.


Expect significant improvements to Leapfrog’s scene visualisation technology with two important enhancements to block models – a 2D slice mode and the ability to have multiple display labels of blocks.
Blocks can be filled or have an outline, have one or many labels with independent colourmaps and a fixed-sized (and in some cases scaled) gap set to visually separate adjacent blocks.
These features are available for Block models and Octree block models, but not sub-blocked models.
This feature is only available for Leapfrog Works users with Contaminants Extension.


We’ve made improvements based on customer feedback to improve workflows involving several serial sections, as well as stand-alone cross-sections.
Now you can create a higher-level template layout that can be applied to all child layouts from the various section types.
In addition, a new ‘Plan View’ is now available for sections; enabling you to access and share site maps to illustrate how they relate to other elements of a site and set the context for the section to be interpreted.
These enhancements give you the ability to complete more of your workflows within Leapfrog. Save time previously spent creating site maps in alternative programs, with added capability for data sharing with external stakeholders.


Introducing a new, intuitive and interactive way to create quality 2.5D unstructured MODFLOW grids. Now you can define boundary conditions based on features within the model (boreholes/wells, rivers, faults) and either 2D unstructured, layered grids or fully unstructured grids.
We’ve built deeper interoperability into this release, with new ways to share and consume data between packages, bringing further workflow enhancements.
This feature is only available for Leapfrog Geo users with Hydrogeology Extension.

Download The Full Release Notes

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Requisiti di sistema di Leapfrog Geo

We recommend you use Windows 10, with a reasonably fast processor, mid range graphics and 32GB of system memory.

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