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Adalta is official reseller in EU Countries of some important scientific software.

You can find details about the features of our software going to the dedicated pages throught the links listed below.
If you need help for evaluating and choosing a software please contact us.

Otherwise if you wish to receive a quotation fill in the form below.
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General sales conditions
To request a quotation, customers from EU Countries should fill in the form above. Our quotation will be emailed within one business day; it will contain detailed prices and shipping costs.

The price of this product depends on the status of the end user. Discounts may be available for non-profit, educational or student users. Please contact Adalta for further information.

Qualifying for educational price
Educational pricing is available to students and teachers of degree granting institutions. In order to receive an educational discount, you will need to place the order using a purchase order displaying the University’s name, or request that the license is entitled to an Academic user. Occasionally you may be requested to supply your college ID to verify your eligibility for the educational discounts. Conducting research alone does not qualify for an educational discount.

Qualifying for student price
We require a scanned image of a valid Student ID to qualify for student price.

Shipping and handling
All orders will be delivered within five business days. License will be sent by email.

Payment by wire transfer or credit card.

More sales conditions
Please refer to our sales conditions for Italy.