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Leapfrog Geothermal 2021.2.5

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Leapfrog Geothermal 2021.2.5


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Tools and workflows tailored for geothermal experts

Leapfrog Geothermal is an intuitive, workflow-based 3D subsurface modelling software that enables you to build and refine models – fast.
Make intelligent decisions about your resource with well targeting, numerical modelling, and reservoir simulation in a single 3D model

User-friendly tools and processes streamline data and empower collaboration so you can:

Optimise geothermal wells

Make confident decisions on well targeting and operations. Rapidly build and test well trajectories and prognoses in 3D based on your subsurface models, ensuring you’re always working with the latest information.

Add new data or make changes to a model to dynamically update all dependent models. Gain insights to change the trajectory of wells as you drill them as soon as the latest data becomes available.

Reduce risks

Understand and communicate the complete picture of your geothermal resource with 2D and 3D visualisations.

Create movies, share slices, and add annotations to explain your ideas. Use visuals to clearly communicate insights with other teams and non-technical stakeholders – to generate conversations and make well-informed decisions.

Quickly view new data in 3D to inspire ideas and iterations. Overlay topography to put your subsurface data in context.

Unite geology, flow, and numerical models

Eliminate silos and create a continuous workflow between teams. Bring all geoscience data into a single environment through direct integrations with industry-leading reservoir engineering and geophysical software.

Quickly build conceptual models from various data types, such as GIS, cross-sections, flow, geophysics, geology, wells, and more, in a multidisciplinary environment.

Leapfrog Geothermal interfaces with industry leading reservoir engineering and geophysical software for rapid interpretation of geothermal reservoirs.

Create a complete subsurface model by adding your geophysics data

Leapfrog Geothermal models directly integrate with SEG-Y formats. Visualise time dependent geophysical point data, such as micro-seismic events. Import and isosurface geophysical gridded data, such as magneto-telluric resistivity, to help delineate reservoir extents.

Spend time on decisions, not crunching data

Build dynamic, conceptual models that combine geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering insights.

Leapfrog Geothermal features and workflows bring your teams and data together with:

Geological modelling

Gain an in-depth 3D understanding of local geology to make decisions on well planning and optimisation.

  • Rapidly build complex geological models from wells, points, polylines, and meshes
  • Define a surface chronology to determine the stratigraphy of your reservoir as well as faults and complex fault systems
  • Model planar and volumetric surfaces, veins, and stratigraphic sequences
  • Dynamically update models when the base data are updated


Analyse your data and look for correlations and patterns with simple, intuitive visualisation tools. Share insights across disciplines and help non-technical stakeholders make more informed decisions using 2D and 3D models.

  • Visualise TOUGH2, TETRAD, MODFLOW, and FEFLOW flow model time-dependent data in 3D
  • Co-visualise multidisciplinary data including wells, geophysical data, geological, numeric, and flow simulation models
  • See inside your model by dynamically slicing through your models in 3D with control over transparency
  • Create dynamic cross-sections through key parts of your resource
  • Build a scene using multiple models to showcase relationships

Well planning

Anticipate subsurface permeability and key reservoir conditions by testing and refining a 3D geological model.

  • Target wells in an interactive 3D environment
  • Plan well trajectory with multiple build and/or hold sections
  • Peer review and prognose models
  • Export planned trajectory and prognoses
  • Change the trajectory of wells in real-time

Flow Simulation

Create flow simulation models from your geological and numeric models quickly, export them for simulation runs, and then import the results back into Leapfrog Geothermal.

  • Easily build TOUGH2, MODFLOW, and FEFLOW models and keep them up-to-date
  • Import TOUGH2, TETRAD, MODFLOW, and FEFLOW models for visualisation of time-dependent results
  • Create TOUGH2 models with either structured or unstructured grids
  • Assign combined lithological and fault rock types to TOUGH2 models

Numeric modelling

Easily build block models in 3D and keep them up-to-date.

  • Leapfrog Geothermal’s powerful interpolation engine lets you easily build interpolants from wells and points.
  • Quickly visualise isosurfaces for parameters such as temperature, pressure, geophysics and geochemistry
  • Incorporate complex anisotropies
  • Build multi-domained numerical models
  • Export interpolant volumes, isosurfaces, and midpoints
  • Assign properties to blocks

Add on Leapfrog Edge to integrate geostatistical analysis into your geothermal workflow.

Sharing and collaboration

Create a continuous workflow between teams to build fast, rapid iterations of conceptual models.

  • Share your work with anyone in the organisation using cross sections, renders, scenes, and movies
  • Set up and save 3D scenes that illustrate important aspects of the model for use in reporting and annotate them with further information
  • Easily define cross sections, serial sections, and fence sections in the 3D scene

Seequent technology supports interoperability

Seequent is a member of the Global Mining Guidelines Group made up of representatives from software and mining companies who work collaboratively to develop the Open Mining Format (OMF), an open-source file specification for 3D data interoperability.

New Features in Leapfrog Geothermal 2021.2.5

This latest Leapfrog Geothermal release continues to provide powerful updates that build on our code-base modernisation. We’ve delivered best of breed, beautifully built, cloud interoperable software solutions embedded in an immersive graphical modelling environment.

Packed with fresh features that enhance your workflows, you can expect better speed, storage, performance, and functionality.
Reimagine your workflow possibilities with the extended power of drillhole data management. Now combine multiple drillhole sets and incorporate data from disparate sources into geological modelling workflows.  
Experience a performance boost that comes with changes to caching and processing logic. Also, an intuitive new tool to create mesh volumes from polylines is here.
Leapfrog Geothermal’s powerful Flow Modelling workflows, deliver a suite of usability enhancements to all flow model types. This includes improved handling of fault properties in TOUGH models and assignment of initial conditions from numeric models in MODFLOW and FEFLOW.

It is now possible to import Oasis montaj’s 3D voxel files (.geosoftvoxel) directly into Leapfrog, either from local file or via Central dataroom – the final step of our integration with Oasis montaj.

Combined Drillhole Sets

We’ve further extended the power of Leapfrog drillhole data management with the introduction of a new feature that allows you to combine multiple drillhole sets, providing exceptional flexibility in incorporating data from disparate sources into geological modelling workflows.


Experience significant improvements in processing performance and on disc storage. The enhancements we’ve made to caching and processing logic has enabled a faster processing time for mesh evaluations.

Coupled with updates to storage compression this latest version is faster than the previous with better project size optimisation and improved publishing speed.

Improved Interoperability with Flow Modelling

A suite of improvements has been made to Leapfrog’s flow modelling workflows: 


  • A new import dialogue for TOUGH combines the specification of input data files into one simple step. 
  • Enhanced support for the TOUGH3 file format, allows importing of time-step data and the export of models in CSV format.  
  • Improved handling of fault geometries in models enables the unique rock type properties to be set for each fault/lithology combination.
  • Now you can modify the origin, orientation, grid extent, grid block size and resolution of a structured flow model grid can and update in the associated TOUGH model.
  • Structured TOUGH grids (.dat files) created outside of Leapfrog can now be imported and the matching grid geometry recreated inside Leapfrog.


A new wizard that combines 2D and 3D steps into one streamlines FEFLOW grid creation while all grid editing, evaluation and material properties tools are now relocated to a single dialogue on the parent. 


Initial contaminant conditions in a MODFLOW model can now be set from numeric models or estimation, using simple workflows for evaluating contaminant concentrations per lithology onto grid centroids or nodes.

More Geophysics

It is now possible to import Oasis montaj’s 3D voxel files (.geosoftvoxel) into Leapfrog Geothermal from local file or via Central Dataroom – the final step of integration with Oasis montaj.

Existing geophysical grids supported by Leapfrog (GoCAD, UBC and MT) have been rationalised into a single optimised storage format, bringing consistent importation, evaluation and visualisation, and paving the way for publishing grids to Central for web visualisation.

Download The Full Release Notes

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System Requirements

We recommend you use Windows 10, with a reasonably fast processor, mid range graphics and 32GB of system memory.

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