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TEMP/W e TEMP3D 2021.4

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TEMP/W e TEMP3D 2021.4


Heat transfer analysis

TEMP/W is a powerful finite element software product for modeling heat transfer and phase change in porous media. TEMP/W can analyze simple conduction problems to complex surface energy simulations with cyclical freeze-thaw.

Add TEMP3D to TEMP/W to analyze 3D heat transfer using the same comprehensive set of material models and boundary conditions.

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Key Features

Boundary Conditions

TEMP/W and TEMP3D offer a range of boundary condition options, including a rigorous thermosyhpon boundary condition. The convective heat transfer boundary condition allows for simulation of artificial ground freezing or other processes involving the fluid flow over a bounding surface.


Heat transfer is often governed by forced convection in natural hydrogeological systems. TEMP/W can be fully-integrated with SEEP/W or AIR/W to analyze heat transfer via groundwater flow or air flow, respectively. Integration of TEMP3D and SEEP3D is also available.

Material Properties

Thermal functions defining the material properties for saturated-unsaturated soils can be estimated using built-in functions. The rigorous phase change formulation provides an accurate solution to problems involving freeze-thaw of saturated-unsaturated porous media.

Land-Climate Interactions

Analyze problems that involve a coupling between climatic conditions and the thermal response within the ground in TEMP/W using the surface energy balance boundary condition.


TEMP/W and TEMP3D can model almost any geothermal problem

Freezing Analysis of a Buried Pipeline

TEMP/W is used to model the freezing front propagation around a pipeline. The examples demonstrates the use of circular regions and the application of the appropriate boundary conditions and material properties.

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Surface Energy Balance

This example evaluates the effect of snow on the thermal response within the ground during the winter months, using the surface energy balance boundary condition in TEMP/W to simulate land-climate interactions.

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The objective of this TEMP/W example is to conduct a transient analysis of thermosyphons installed near Fairbanks, Alaska. The model is assumed to have permafrost year round at the base. A heated building rests on the ground surface.

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3D Mine Shaft Freezing

This example demonstrates a procedure for modeling the freeze wall growth for a mine shaft project using freeze pipes installed at equal distances around a mine shaft. Particular attention is given to the three-dimensional heat transfer at the bottom of the freeze wall.

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TEMP/W’s intuitive modeling workflow

  1. Create problem workspace and analysis properties
  2. Draw or import domain regions from a CAD program
  3. Define material properties and initial temperature
  4. Define thermal boundary conditions
  5. Draw mesh properties
  6. Solve your analyses
  7. Display the computed thermal conditions
  8. View result information, generate plots and reports

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