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Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit 2023 con Priority Support

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Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit 2023 con Priority Support

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Optimized Tools for Delivering High-Performance, Cross-Architecture Applications

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Heterogeneous Development Made Easier

The Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit is a core set of tools and libraries for building and deploying high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures—CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. It features:

  • Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) language that allows code reuse across hardware targets and custom tuning for individual accelerators
  • Domain-specific libraries and the Intel® Distribution for Python*, enabling drop-in acceleration across relevant architectures
  • Enhanced profiling, design, and debug tools


Priority Support is paid product support that covers all of the components included in the toolkit. It provides the following benefits for one year:

  • Direct and private interaction with Intel’s support engineers, including the ability to submit confidential support requests
  • Accelerated response time for technical questions and other product needs
  • Priority assistance for escalated defects and feature requests
  • Free download access to all new product updates and continued access to older versions of the product
  • Access to a vast libraryof self-help documentation built from decades of experience with creating high-performance code
  • Access to Intel public community forums supported by community technical experts and monitored by Intel engineers

On-site or online training and consultation by Intel technical consulting engineers may be added at an additional cost.

See What’s Inside the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit

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Nuove caratteristiche Intel oneAPI Base

Scopri tutte le novità dell’ultima versione sul sito Intel:

Cosa contiene Intel oneAPI Base

Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
Compile and optimize C++ and SYCL code for CPU, GPU, and FPGA target architectures.

Intel® Distribution for Python* (Separate Download Required)
Achieve near-native code performance through an acceleration of core Python numerical, scientific, and machine learning packages.

Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool
Migrate legacy CUDA code to open multiarchitecture SYCL code with this assistant.

Intel® VTune™ Profiler
Find and optimize performance bottlenecks across CPU, GPU, and FPGA systems.

Intel® Advisor
Design code for efficient vectorization, threading, and offloading to accelerators.

Intel® Distribution for GDB*
Enable deep, system-wide debug of SYCL, C, C++, and Fortran code.

Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library
Speed up data parallel workloads with these key productivity algorithms and functions.

Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
Simplify parallelism with this advanced threading and memory-management template library.

Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
Accelerate math processing routines, including matrix algebra, fast Fourier transforms (FFT), and vector math.

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Speed up performance of imaging, signal processing, data compression, cryptography, and more.

Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library
Boost machine learning and data analytics performance.

Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library
Develop fast neural networks on Intel CPUs and GPUs with performance-optimized building blocks.

Intel® oneAPI Collective Communications Library
Implement optimized communication patterns to distribute deep learning model training across multiple nodes.

Intel® FPGA Add-on for oneAPI Base Toolkit (Separate Download Required)
Program these reconfigurable hardware accelerators to speed specialized, data-centric workloads. Requires installation of the Base Kit.

Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library
Deliver fast, high-quality, real-time video decoding, encoding, transcoding, and processing for broadcasting, live streaming and video on demand, cloud gaming, and more.

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