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Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit 2022 con Priority Support

Optimized Tools for Delivering High-Performance, Cross-Architecture Applications

Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit

The Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit delivers what developers need to build, analyze, optimize, and scale HPC applications. It is a combination of two toolkits

Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit

  • Includes a core set of tools and libraries to build and deploy data-centric applications across architectures.
  • It features Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) language, domain-specific libraries, and enhanced profiling, design, and debug tools.

Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit

  • Deliver high-performance computing tools to build, analyze, optimize, and scale AI, machine learning, and deep learning applications.
  • Optimized with the latest techniques in vectorization, multithreading, multi-node parallelization, and memory optimization.


Priority Support is paid product support that covers all of the components included in the toolkit. It provides the following benefits for one year:

  • Direct and private interaction with Intel’s support engineers, including the ability to submit confidential support requests
  • Accelerated response time for technical questions and other product needs
  • Priority assistance for escalated defects and feature requests
  • Free download access to all new product updates and continued access to older versions of the product
  • Access to a vast libraryof self-help documentation built from decades of experience with creating high-performance code
  • Access to Intel public community forums supported by community technical experts and monitored by Intel engineers

On-site or online training and consultation by Intel technical consulting engineers may be added at an additional cost.

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Priority Support

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The following Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are also available with paid product support.

Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit
Optimized tools for high-performance computing.

Intel® oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit
Enhanced tools for solutions that run at the network’s edge.

Intel® oneAPI Base & Rendering Toolkit
Powerful libraries and tools for high-fidelity rendering and visualization applications.


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Priority Support
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Intel® Parallel Studio XE Users

Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are the next generation of standards-based Intel® Software Development Tools used to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures.
The transition from Intel® Parallel Studio XE to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits delivers additional capabilities through existing tools and new tools.

The following information shows Intel Parallel Studio XE Editions and the equivalent Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit products.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Products

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition
Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition

replaced by
Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit Single-Node

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

replaced by
Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit Multi-Node


Customers currently using Intel® Parallel Studio XE (Composer, Professional, or Cluster Editions) and who are on active software support will continue to receive support through the term of the active support period.

Support will apply to the Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit that will be provided as the next generation of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE suite of tools.

Available versions of Intel® Parallel Studio XE entitled to you will remain available in your account on the Intel Registration Center.

Software Updates

All software updates and latest versions for Intel® Parallel Studio XE tools will be delivered in the Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit.

Customers on active software support will be able to upgrade to the Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit by signing into the Intel Registration Center and accepting the upgrade. You will receive an email that explains these changes and a link to the Intel Registration Center to upgrade.

Support will continue through the term of the current active support period for the Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit.


Existing software license files continue to be available in the Intel Registration Center and enable your use of Intel® Software Product versions you are entitled to.

The Intel® oneAPI Toolkits do not require license files, and the terms of use are based on the purchased product with support and End User License Agreement.

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