Surfer – Golden Software: rilasciata nuova versione 27

Continua lo sviluppo e il costante miglioramento di Surfer, il software leader per la mappatura, la modellazione e l’analisi dati, arrivato alla versione 27!

La nuova versione offre importanti miglioramenti nei seguenti ambiti:

  • 3D Grid Visualization
    We’ve made the visualization in the 3D view more robust and user friendly than ever before, to save you time and headaches. Combine the 3D grid visualization options with 3D DXF files, SHP files, data and 2D grid files and the ability to export to a 3D VRML or 3D PDF, and you have a powerful visualization system.
  • Grid Drillhole Data
    Gridding your drillhole data is easier than ever. Just simply click the button in the Drillhole Manager, or click Grid Data and select Drillhole XYZC for your data type. Surfer will gather and interpolate all the drillhole data already imported into Surfer and generate the 3D grid.
  • File | Save All
    Save All! Save time and make life easier for yourself. When you have multiple project files open, and multiple 3D views, it can be tedious to go through each window and click the Save button. Now it’s simple with just a single click. Click Save All to save all the open windows at once, and then Close All to close them all at once. Done.
  • Base Layer Keeps its Properties after Reloading
    Reloading base layers saves you more time than ever. Create a base layer, edit the properties for the vector objects in that layer, then reload it and choose to retain the existing properties! Keep your rivers blue, your field area boundaries brown, and simply reload the file.

Leggi il dettaglio di tutte le novità!

I titolari di licenza con manutenzione attiva possono scaricare gratuitamente la nuova versione dal sito Golden Software.

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