Surfer – Golden Software: rilasciata nuova versione 25.3.290

Golden ha rilasciato un aggiornato minore di Surfer, il software leader per la mappatura, la modellazione e l’analisi dati.

Surfer 25.3.290 offre i seguenti miglioramenti e risolve alcuni bug.

I titolari di licenza con manutenzione attiva possono scaricare gratuitamente la nuova versione dal sito Golden Software.

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  • 3D View: Drillhole: drillholes should still be displayed even with only one point in the survey table
  • 3D View: Volume render: change default render mode to Sliced
  • Color Scale: Labels: update Frequency as soon as Height changes (do not require parent layer change)


  • 3D View: Camera: XYZ Target values revert to default
  • 3D View: Changing the Z Axis min/max caused incorrect object placement
  • 3D View: Digitize: Non-opaque objects do not get “hit” by clicks
  • 3D View: error was generated when using old Intel Graphics (“Invalid depth buffer size!”)
  • 3D View: Fly-Through: camera was not focused on constant point when playing
  • 3D View: Z-axis auto-scaling not applied after Undo in plot view
  • Crash when reloading drillhole data
  • Crash when using Copy Properties with polymesh object
  • GeoTIFF import: XY limits do not match metadata from other software
  • Grid Data XYZC: spacing in Z direction changes # of Nodes in Y direction
  • Internal Error in 3D view when creating flight path (Orientation.h)
  • Internal Error saving large file, not enough memory (Main.cpp, Line 285)
  • Internal Error when loading a non-PNG file (e.g. PDF, SRF, RAR, etc) using the PNG filter (gscatch.cpp)
  • Overlay Maps: symbols in base layer change size when overlay

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