Prism – GraphPad: rilasciata nuova versione 10

Prism 10 è un aggiornamento maggiore appena rilasciato da GraphPad.

Moltissime sono le nuove caratteristiche apportate all’ottimo software per la biostatistica di base e la grafica scientifica.

  • Powerful data analysis. Advanced graph customization. Simplified collaboration
  • Break down data silos: Introducing a more open file format that enables new workflows and integrations
  • Simplified interpretation of results: A new responsive “One or None” P value summary style
  • More comprehensive analysis: Default multiple comparison method for two-way ANOVA
  • Graph Inspector: A new interactive approach to multiple variable graph customization
  • Expanded data capabilities: Faster performance and support for larger data sets
  • Wrangle your data with new tools: New functions, new syntax, new outputs, and much more
  • Access more results: An all-new analysis constant dialog
  • Collaboration simplified: Publish, share, and discuss your work with Prism Cloud beta
  • And much, much more!

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