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Wolfram Finance Platform

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Wolfram Finance Platform


Ultimate Computation Environment: Now for Finance

Algorithmic agility has come center stage in finance. Yet finance tools are often outmoded—failing to use modern, smart computation from other fields.
Wolfram Finance Platform injects ultimate computation into finance workflows—increasing your competitiveness in areas as diverse as option pricing, risk analysis, enterprise system development and interactive reporting.

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World’s Ultimate Computation
Advanced IDE
Real-Time Data
High-Performance Computing
Computation-Driven Report Generation
Professional Resources

World’s Ultimate Computation

Pushing the boundaries of computation, Wolfram Finance Platform brings you the world’s largest web of algorithms, hybrid symbolic-numeric calculations, high-performance parallel processing, any-precision numerics and automated precision control—the ultimate computation for finance workflows.

Combining advanced optimization algorithms with machine learning and probability and statistical capabilities, Wolfram Finance Platform allows you to compute hedging positions, price derivative instruments and more.

Advanced Integrated Development Environment

With a modern, multi-paradigm language; full-featured IDE; and rich, built-in computation support, Wolfram Finance Platform provides a rapid development workflow for computation-centric applications.

Wolfram Finance Platform’s high-level language includes support for a wide range of computational tools, such as derivatives pricing, model analysis, optimization methods, time series, probability distributions and statistical tests.

Also tightly integrated in the language is support for interactive visualizations of data and models, including finance-specific charts and indicators.

Real-Time Data

Wolfram Finance Platform enables immediate computation on streaming financial data.

Easily flow live Bloomberg Desktop*, Bloomberg Server API* or Reuters data* into any computation or visualization. A coherent design tightly integrates financial feeds with built-in, up-to-date and historical data from Wolfram|Alpha and data from your own SQL, ad NoSQL databases and APIs.

Wolfram Finance Platform makes market analysis, back-testing, market monitoring tools and algorithmic trading easy.

* available on Windows platform only

High-Performance Computing

Every calculation is scalable to large dimension arrays using parallelization across CPUs and GPUs.

Wolfram Finance Platform’s high-performance, multi-method algorithms are supported by parallel programming constructs that can distribute calculations across higher performance hardware or ad hoc computing clusters.

Many built-in algorithms automatically parallelize over multicore or CUDA-compatible hardware, when available, to maximize performance.

LLVM-backed Wolfram Language code compilation means that your own code runs as fast as the built-in algorithms.

Computation-Driven Report Generation

Empower the decision-making process with user-driven content. Broaden the information pipeline with computable and interactive reports. Deliver dynamic reports locally, over the web or embed them in the production system.

Instantly create a user-driven report for data exploration

Interactively spot liquidity trap based on Federal Reserve Economic Data

Deploy a dynamic dashboard with live computation

Incorporate complex real-time computation with intuitive visualization

Professional Resources

24/7 support, customizable training courses and direct contact channel to senior developers and consulting are included to maximize your productivity.
Learn from our trainers and developers in online and in-person courses. Onsite training can be customized to your specific needs.
The consulting time can be used to accelerate your projects with tasks such as optimizing code, converting legacy code, CUDA acceleration or even kick-starting a new project. Access to technical support is available 24/7.
Direct contact channel with our senior developers will give you insider knowledge of how our technologies work and a chance to influence future development directions.

Whats’s New

Based on Wolfram Language Version 12, Wolfram Finance Platform 3 expands connectivity to Bloomberg and Reuters feeds, blockchain and databases, and expands capabilities for machine learning and optimization.

Major new features in Finance Platform include:

New Financial Data Feeds

New support for the Bloomberg data API and Reuters data together with richer access to the Bloomberg Desktop connection and Wolfram|Alpha data to give you immediate computable access to the world’s financial data.
Documentation: Reuters »
Documentation: BloombergTerminal »
Documentation: BloombergDataLicense »

Machine Learning

Machine learning capabilities have been extended with new neural network layers and multi-GPU training. New capabilities powered by deep learning technology include tools for automated anomaly detection and synthesis of missing values in high-dimensional data.
New in the Wolfram Language: High-Level Machine Learning »
New in the Wolfram Language: Neural Network Framework »
Documentation: Machine Learning »
Documentation: Neural Networks »


Read, write and analyze data on common blockchain technologies with full cryptographic support for full integration with distributed ledgers and smart contracts.
New in the Wolfram Language: Blockchain »
Documentation: Working with Blockchains »

Data Connectivity

New data connectivity tools automate connections to relational databases and SPARQL endpoints, with full integration with the Wolfram Knowledgebase entity system. Faster spreadsheet and CSV import and now over 225 data formats supported.
New in the Wolfram Language: Relational Database Connectivity »
New in the Wolfram Language: RDF and SPARQL »
Documentation: Working with Relational Databases »
Documentation: Graph Store Overview »

Python Client Library

Access the whole Wolfram Finance Platform technology stack from native Python code for easier integration into existing code bases.
Documentation: Wolfram Client Library for Python »

Wolfram Language Compiler

The new LLVM-based compiler technology allows you to write faster Wolfram Language code and compile to external libraries.
New in the Wolfram Language: Code Compilation »
Documentation: Code Compilation »

Text Processing

Analyze more nontraditional and unstructured data sources with additional tools for natural language processing. Extract facts and semantic features, answer questions and classify contents.
New in the Wolfram Language: Natural Language Processing »
Documentation: Text Analysis »


Finance Platform’s existing suite of local and global constrained optimization capabilities has been extended with fast and robust algorithms for convex optimization problems.
New in the Wolfram Language: Convex Optimization »
Documentation: Convex Optimization »


New finite element methods solve broad classes of nonlinear partial differential equations.
New in the Wolfram Language: Nonlinear Finite Elements »
Documentation: Partial Differential Equations »
Documentation: Finite Element Method »

Asymptotic Solvers

Finance Platform includes a broad set of tools for working with power series approximations of complex models that are too difficult for pure symbolic computing, giving you more descriptive and applicable output than numerical computing can provide.
New in the Wolfram Language: Asymptotics »
Documentation: Asymptotics »

Why Wolfram Finance Platform?

Because principles matter.

Decades of building on bold design principles make Wolfram technologies the world’s ultimate computation platform, and these design principles allow for the continuous development of financial capabilities.

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