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Wolfram Application Server

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Wolfram Application Server


Deploy powerful Wolfram Language applications at scale

Wolfram Application Server combines the computational power of the Wolfram Engine with the robust cloud and containerization technologies available today.

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The Wolfram Advantage

By leveraging the built-in computational intelligence of the Wolfram Language, you can create robust, high-quality content in a fraction of the time.

Instant APIs

Effortlessly generate stateless RESTful APIs using our simple yet powerful cloud deployment functionality.

Smart Web Forms

Deploy convenient form interfaces to empower your users with code-free access to Wolfram Language computations.

Backward Compatibility

Maintain a consistent, reliable code base with backward compatibility across Wolfram Language versions, including those that power webMathematica.

Simple Deployment

Easily manage authentication and data exchange in your deployments with our robust external services framework.

Natural Language Understanding

Create applications that utilize the Wolfram Natural Language Understanding (NLU) System, the key technology behind Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language‘s powerful semantic interpretation.

Rapid Development

Write only the unique parts of your code, and rely on the language for everything else—with unified, highly automated Wolfram Language functions to do the heavy lifting.

On-the-Fly Content Generation

Generate content based on time and location, assign custom endpoints and integrate curated content from the vast Wolfram Knowledgebase.

Key Features

Wolfram Application Server lets you deliver optimized Wolfram computations and content to end users anywhere, directly through their web browser.

Optimized Wolfram Engines

A managed infrastructure provides pools of Wolfram Engines preinitialized and configured for your specific needs.

Lightning-Speed APIs

Wolfram Application Server is the fastest way to use the Wolfram Language across your LAN or the web.

Established Technology

Make use of the the same foundational technology that powers the Wolfram Cloud and Wolfram|Alpha—backed by 30 years of continuous development.

Complete Web Integration

Wolfram Application Server runs on standard web protocols, removing the need for client-side authentication or installation.

Serverless: No Wasted Time

Pair our serverless architecture with your cloud provider, then deploy to a managed cluster with no further configuration required.

Platform-Agnostic Computing

Your projects will automatically scale up to fully utilize the power of your system or cluster—no need to worry about the underlying architecture.

Technology Integration

Application Server seamlessly integrates with Docker, Kubernetes and similar platforms; container solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM; and other standard cloud technologies. Connect Wolfram Engines to your existing production infrastructure without having to start over or reconfigure.

Per comprare una nuova licenza di Wolfram Application Server, conoscere il costo dell'upgrade da una precedente versione, o ricevere una offerta con il prezzo per le tipologie di licenza disponibili (fixed, network, annuale, perpetua,…) richieda un preventivo per un acquisto personalizzato in base alla sua categoria di utente (accademico, non profit, privato, …); è possibile acquistare licenze personali o multilicenza per un gruppo di utenti.