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KaleidaGraph 5.0.1 per Mac e 4.5.4 per Win

Graphing and Data Analysis for Mac and Windows

KaleidaGraph è uno dei più semplici, intuitivi ed economici software, presente sul mercato, per l’analisi di dati e la grafica scientifica.

Le caratteristiche vincenti di KaleidaGraph sono: la potenza di analisi dei dati unita alla semplicità di personalizzazione dei grafici; la capacità di gestione di larghissimi set di dati; la velocità di esecuzione dei comandi; la completa compatibilità con MS Excel; il prezzo imbattibile!

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Overview of KaleidaGraph

KaleidaGraph is a thoughtfully designed graphing and data analysis application for research scientists, as well as for those in business and engineering fields. It produces publication-quality graphs, and easily converts the most complex data into a functional display. KaleidaGraph allows the user to import, manipulate, and analyze data, as well as create customized plots. Statistics, linear and nonlinear curve fitting, and the ability to produce precise graphic visualization of data all make KaleidaGraph powerful and flexible.

Flexible Data Entry

Paste data from another application, open Microsoft Excel files directly, or import a variety of text files (including the ability to specify the structure of the text file being imported).

Versatile Graphing Choices

Visualize your data using over 25 graph types, including a variety of Linear, Bar, and Statistical plots. Plot from multiple data sets or plot multiple X-Y pairs on a single plot. Use the Function plot to create a plot of a given equation.

Easily Customize Everything

KaleidaGraph provides the ability to customize virtually every object in your plot. Insert axis breaks, move the axes, and change colors, plot symbols, line styles, thicknesses, and more. Add drop lines and a variety of error bars. Use the tools provided to add text labels and other objects anywhere on the plot.

Precise Curve Fitting

Analyze your data using any of our Least Squares curve fits. Utilize our nonlinear curve fit to fit your own equation or choose one of the more than 100 equations that get installed. Improve the presentation of your data using one of the smoothing curve fits. Easily export the curve fit results for further analysis.

Effortless Plot Export

Export plots and layouts easily via the Clipboard or save them in a variety of file formats, including TIFF, JPG, and PNG (as well as SVG and PDF in v5). Specify the size and resolution of the exported image. Easily reduce the amount of white space around the graph or layout.

See a List of the Features in KaleidaGraph

New Features v 5 per Mac

You have come to rely on KaleidaGraph to quickly and easily visualize your data, analyze your results, and communicate your findings.
Now is the time to make the move to KaleidaGraph 5! With support for the latest Mac architecture, new ways to represent your data, and more export options, it is easier than ever to share your scientific ideas.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Long file name support.
  • Support for Unicode and longer text strings.
  • Ability to easily import and export comma-separated files.
  • Support for dates beyond 2040.
  • Increased the maximum number of data windows, plot windows, and General curve fits.
  • Improved the appearance of fill patterns when exported at higher resolutions.
  • Ability to specify text encoding when importing and exporting text files.
  • Improved appearance on Retina displays.
  • And more…

KaleidaGraph v5.0.1 (Mac) Updater

This update builds on the solid performance and reliability that customers are already enjoying with KaleidaGraph v5 by addressing a few issues reported by customers.

  • Addressed an issue with plots not being scaled correctly when exported with the Minimize White Space option selected.
  • Addressed a row height issue in the data window. The default row height of 20 was not properly applied, causing the row height to be larger than it should be. The default row height can be set in the Column portion of the Preferences dialog.
  • Addressed an issue when trying to use a Library function to create a Function plot.
  • Addressed an issue where adding a split did not mark the data window as being edited.
  • Addressed an issue where a small rectangle was erased in the first and/or last axis label if Erase Background was selected.

Note: This updater will only work if the release version of KaleidaGraph v5.0.0 is already installed and personalized on your computer. It will not work on beta versions (indicated by a B in the version number). If you purchased KaleidaGraph v5 after December 21, v5.0.1 is likely the version that you have already installed, and no further action is needed.

New Features v 4.5.4 per Win

Five times more variables (99), 24 new markers, independent line and fill color, drop line capability, new plot types, improved plot exporting, new Slice Data command, confidence interval computation, enhanced scripting commands, and more…

Additional Enhancements include:

  • Added support for the latest Excel file formats (.xlsx files).
  • The Line Thickness setting in Plot Options now also controls the thickness of the plot symbol in the legend for variables represented by a fill pattern.
  • Added a command to the Help menu that opens the PDF manual.
  • Modified the Sort Dialog to allow for longer column titles.
  • Modified the text editor used for Posted Note, Library, Edit Text, etc. so that it can be resized.

General Features

Data Entry

  • Type data directly into the data window (including .xlsx files)
  • Open Excel files directly
  • Import tab, space, and comma delimited text files created in other applications
  • Read user specified data formats, including fixed/variable data widths and read/skip capability
  • Preview your data set while importing it
  • Windows and Macintosh data and graphs are fully interchangable
  • DDE Client support (Windows version)

Data Management

  • Up to 160 open data windows (containing up to 1000 columns by 1 million rows each)
  • Data formats: floating point, double precision, integer, data, time and text
  • Display date and time values in one of 18 formats
  • Perform multi-level sorts on the data
  • Make notes about your data (posted note)
  • Update the plot automatically (or on-demand) if any changes are made in the data window
  • Independently adjustable column width and row height
  • Select font, font size, style, justification, font color and background color for individual columns
  • Add horizontal and vertical splits to compare different sections of the same data window
  • Perform key operations quickly using the Toolbar

Plot Types

  • Line, scatter (x-y), double-x, double-y, double-xy, high/low, step, probability, x-y probability, histogram, box, percentile, horizontal bar, stack bar, column, stack column, polar, pie, summary column, double y bar, double y column, dot, floating bar, floating column, fill, and function (enter a formula)
  • Binned data can be exported to a histogram, step plot or spike plot

Plot Customization

  • Fully customize your plot’s attributes (axis limits, label frequency, ticks, grids, color, font, style, legend, plot size, etc.)
  • Create customized color palettes
  • Display drop lines from the points to the X and/or Y axis.
  • Control the number of markers displayed, marker shapes (60 choices), size, fill color and frame color
  • Control the ticks and axis labels on the x2 and y2 axes by creating a link to their primary axis
  • Set the initial tick mark and specify tick intervals
  • Log, Natural Log, Log (Base 2), or Linear axis settings
  • Partial decades allowed on any log axis
  • Option to use standard baseline instead of 1 on column plots with a log axis
  • Display rulers and grids for placing plot elements
  • Preview your plot changes without leaving the dialog
  • Add very flexible axis breaks
  • Cross axis at a specific value
  • Freely position the plot axis at any desired location
  • Display scientific and engineering plot labels in one of five formats

Powerful Curve Fitting

  • Ability to tabulate curve fit results into a new data window.
  • Built-in fits include: Smooth Weighted, Cubic Spline, and Interpolate curve fits, as well as Least Squares Regressions (linear, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and power).
  • Includes a library of over 100 industry-specific formulas you can customize
  • Utilize a predefined fit or enter your own equation (up to 9 parameters)
  • Define up to 16 curve fits for simultaneous use on a single plot
  • Extrapolate curve fits to axis limits
  • Show fit equation, parameters, and r or r2
  • Copy the values of the curve fit or the residuals into the data window for further analysis

Export / Import & Print

  • Mac version can be exported at a maximum of 1400 dpi; Windows supports a maximum of 800 dpi.
  • Export plots as Metafile, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, and BMP files. EPS (Windows) and PDF (Macintosh) utilizing printer driver
  • Import metafile, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PICT, BMP and EPS files
  • Use the page layout feature to easily combine plots, text and graphics on a single page
  • OLE Server support (Windows version)
  • Save plots and layout in a single file
  • Seamless interaction with Microsoft Office including ungrouping of plots in Powerpoint (Windows only).
  • TIFF images can be exported with a CMYK color table.

Data Analysis & Manipulation


  • Parametric tests: one and two way ANOVA (with repeated measures), t-test
  • Nonparametric tests: Wilcoxon (Signed Rank, Matched Pairs, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney), Kruskal-Wallis, and Friedman
  • Post Hoc tests: Tukey HSD, Bonferonni, Holm, Student-Newman-Keuls, Scheffe, Fisher’s LSD and Dunnett
  • Descriptive statistics: min, max, sum, points, mean, median, RMS, std deviation, variance, std error, skewness, and kurtosis

Formula Entry

  • Select from over 100 menu items to create algebraic equations for data manipulations
  • Use scripts to automate the process of importing data, manipulating data, creating plots and exporting or printing plots

Macro calculator

  • Use conditional testing, boolean testing, subroutines, and nested loops
  • 1000 step RPN program capability

Drawing Tools

  • Add lines, arrows, boxes, ovals, arcs, polygons, and bezier curves to the plot
  • Choose from 11 different styles for lines and arrows
  • Copy, duplicate, group, align, and layer objects

Special Plot Features

  • User selectable error bars can be added with independent upper and lower error types. Error values can be calculated or specified in a data column.
  • Graphically mask data regions to temporarily eliminate data points. Numerical values of bars, columns, or pie slices can be placed automatically on the plot.
  • Plot up to 99 dependent variables at once on a single set of axes. Combine multiple data sets on a single plot.
  • Plot multiple X variables from one data set
  • Use the Extract button to display any data windows used to create the plot

Download complete features list:

Sample Plots

System Requirements

  • Mac version: Mac OS 10.14 or later. Includes support for the M1 chip.
  • Windows version: Windows 7 or later.
  • 150 MB of free hard disk space.