System Modeler – Wolfram: rilasciata nuova versione 13.1

System Modeler è il potente software per la modellazione fisica e la simulazione di sistemi sviluppato da Wolfram.

Grazie al sistema basato su componenti drag-and-drop Wolfram System Modeler rende semplice creare realistici modelli multi-dominio e sviluppare esperimenti numerici sui propri modelli per esplorare e raffinare il comportamento del sistema.

La nuova versione 13.1 appena rilasciata offre I seguenti miglioramenti:

• Task-Oriented Documentation

Browse through the help documents faster with the new task-oriented documentation. Advanced users can understand Modelica language syntax and features using the in-product quick reference and language specifications.

• Modernized User Interface

The System Modeler user interface gets a fresh look with new icons and improved support for high-resolution screen environments.

• Integrated Machine Learning Workflows

Train neural nets and use them to accelerate models, connect to external systems using OPC servers or integrate them with your system models.

• Support for Single Sign-On

Use your organization’s credentials to activate System Modeler and eliminate the need to remember multiple login credentials.

• Hydraulic & OPC Libraries

Now Free Extend your modeling capabilities with the Hydraulic and OPC libraries, which are now free for System Modeler users. The library components can be used to model hydraulic systems and connect to real-world applications.

• Complete Support for Thermo-Fluid Systems

Model your 1D thermo-fluid systems using the Fluid library. The library provides components that support both incompressible and compressible fluid flows. You can use gas mixtures as well as fluids that can undergo phase changes.

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