Parallel Universe Magazine – Intel Software: pubblicato il n. 51 della rivista tecnica gratuita

Articolo in evidenza: “The Case for SYCL: Why ISO C++ Is Not Enough for Heterogeneous Computing”

Sommario n. 51

  • Migrating C++ Thrust* Applications to SYCL* and oneAPI DPC++ Library (oneDPL)
  • DPEcho: General Relativity with SYCL* for the 2020s and Beyond
  • Accelerating LU Factorization Using Fortran, oneMKL, and OpenMP*
  • The Intel® SIHG4SR Solution for the ACM RecSys Challenge 2022
  • Good or Bad Pill
  • Running TensorFlow* Stable Diffusion on Intel® Arc™ GPUs

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