KaleidaGraph – Synergy Software: rilasciate nuove patch 5.0.5 per Mac e 5.0.3. per Win

Synergy ha rilasciato una nuova patch per KaleidaGraph 5.0. L’aggiornamento funzionerà solo se la versione 5.0 è già installata sul computer e non con versioni beta.

Mac Changes from v5.0.4 to v5.0.5

  • Addressed an issue when printing plots and layouts that contained pasted pictures.
  • Improved the text scaling for older Carbon QuickDraw Pictures that were placed in the plot or layout window.

Windows Changes from v5.0.2 to v5.0.3

  • Both of the changes listed for the Mac v5.0.5 updater.
  • Addressed an issue that caused text to print at a smaller font size.
  • Improved the appearance of the user interface on high resolution monitors. Note: If you had turned on the High DPI scaling override in the Compatibility tab of Properties for an older version, you need to turn this option back off after updating to v5.0.3.

Consigliamo di scaricare la patch e installarla per risolvere i problemi segnalati dagli utenti!

Scarica la patch subito!

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