Parallel Universe Magazine – Intel Software: pubblicato il n. 56 della rivista tecnica gratuita

Espandi le tue conoscenze e porta il tuo sviluppo software nel futuro, con i più recenti tool, tip e traning.

Articolo in evidenza: Trying the Future of AI Development on an AI PC.

This issue features several how-to articles, highlights of innovative AI techniques, and a closer look at the topic of high-quality random numbers for financial risk simulation.

Letter from the Editor: Introduction of the key things to know when programming C with SYCL.

Sommario n. 56

  • oneMKL Random Number Generators Device API in Financial Services Risk Calculation
  • On the Migration of OpenACC* API to OpenMP* API
  • Efficient Natural Language Embedding Models with Intel Extension for Transformers
  • Learn SYCL in an Hour (Maybe Less)
  • Our Intel C Compiler Is the First to Earn Khronos SYCL 2020 Conformance

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