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Origin Apps

Le Origin Apps sono una collezione di tools aggiuntivi gratuiti (in continua espansione) che possono essere scaricati molto facilmente dal repository OriginLab File Exchange.
Consentono di aggiungere automazioni e strumenti applicativi specialistici per estendere le già potenti capacità di analisi e grafici di Origin.

Because an App is a self-contained, easily-distributed tool aimed at solving a particular problem, it can be developed and deployed quickly, sidestepping the need to wait for a new Origin product release. In addition, an App can be developed by anyone with a basic knowledge of programming in Origin, making it attractive as a means to create and distribute tools for your company or user-community.

At present, all Apps Apps can be downloaded for free.
Note that some Apps require Origin Pro; these are denoted in the App description by the PRO symbol.

Where Do I Find Apps?

Apps are listed on the OriginLab File Exchange. While you can download Apps from the File Exchange using your web browser, it easier to obtain and manage your Apps using the App Center.

The App Center provides “one stop” App installation and maintenance: Browse and download new and popular Apps, search for Apps, update existing Apps, request an App or submit an App via the OriginLab website.

To open the App Center, click the Add Apps button that appears on all tabs of the Apps Gallery.

More Details

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