Adalta-Wolfram Technical Consulting

Aiutiamo i clienti a sfruttare appieno il potenziale
della conoscenza e dell’intelligenza computazionale.

I nostri Esperti, i vostri Progetti di ogni Dimensione e di ogni Livello.

Grazie alla conoscenza e alla tecnologia all’avanguardia su cui si poggiano i nostri servizi, gli esperti Adalta e Wolfram ti aiutano a sviluppare il tuo progetto e raggiungere risultati affidabili in meno tempo e con meno sforzo.

Aiutiamo le organizzazioni grandi e piccole

Wolfram Consulting propone un approccio multiparadigma all’analisi dei dati e alla risoluzione dei problemi che si basa su un’ampia gamma di algoritmi all’avanguardia e metodi interdisciplinari; gli approfondimenti, i significati e le decisioni che si possono ottenere dai dati, estende notevolmente la portata dei progetti che il calcolo può supportare.

Adalta e Wolfram aiutano i clienti con progetti di consulenza di qualsiasi dimensione, dal proof of concept agli incarichi pluriennali. I nostri consulenti, esperti in un’ampia gamma di campi computazionali e nell’uso più efficace del nostro stack tecnologico, lavorano fianco a fianco con i vostri esperti di dominio per risolvere le vostre sfide più impegnative.

Data and Computational Intelligence

Algorithm Development

LLM Strategy and Prototyping

Model-Based Design

Wolfram|Alpha for Business

Education Technology

Customization and Deployment of Wolfram Products

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Quantum Computation

Esempi di consulenza

Wolfram offre una profonda esperienza nell’innovazione computazionale per affrontare e risolvere sfide uniche, in tutto il mondo.

Preparing for a Future with Generative AI

In an economic environment where costs are rising, businesses are searching for new ways to improve margins, ideally by increasing productivity while lowering costs at the same time. Generative AI is offering a quickly growing toolbox for enhancing efficiency and reducing operational expenses with relatively low targeted investments. For example, AI tools can be used to process large amounts of documents, images or video content as well as to automatically generate new content at high quality.
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A Data-Driven Approach to Multichannel Online Marketing

AGM, a globally operating digital marketing agency, develops advertising strategies and executes online marketing campaigns for its customers from a broad range of sectors. Their challenge was to determine the best possible allocation of marketing funds among multiple online channels, optimizing the overall effectiveness and return of investment of its marketing campaigns.
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Optimizing Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance with Discrete-Event Simulation

Offshore wind is one of the most important sources of renewable energy and a key area of interest for one of Wolfram Consulting Group’s clients. To get a complete understanding of the multitude of factors that contribute to the technical and financial performance of a wind farm, our client’s challenge was to design and develop a complete software package for modeling offshore wind operations.
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Creating a Financial Reporting System Based on Symbolic Computation

Langham Hall, a global professional services business in the fund management industry with assets of $130 billion, partnered with Wolfram Consulting Group to create a custom platform for its clients. The goal was to build a system with unparalleled personalization, accuracy and reliability without compromising speed or efficiency. This required an innovative approach from experts in data science and big data, which Wolfram, a leader in computational intelligence across industries, could provide.
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Powering a Life Science Lab in the Cloud

From the beginning, the founders of the biotechnology startup Emerald Therapeutics wanted to develop an ideal research platform that would allow for lab and process automation during experiments as well as easy communication of their findings.
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Applying Natural Language Processing to Automate Pharmacy Processes

A major US-based pharmacy chain needed to reliably automate the process of converting doctors’ prescriptions to standardized printed labels that are attached to customers’ prescription medicines. The doctors’ notes, written in expert English abundant with idioms and conventions used in medical practice, amounted to more than 100 million unique strings of text to be processed as a data stream with minimal latency at tens of transactions per second.
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Model-Based Design Accelerates Development Cycles

When you need to boost performance, reduce operating costs or investigate design space, model-based design is a powerful tool. With model-based design, virtual models are at the center of the development process and help you shorten development cycles and substantially reduce overall development costs.
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Advanced Computation Meets Generative AI

Few recent technological innovations have generated as much enthusiasm as generative AI. Wolfram has been at the front of this profound transformation, as demonstrated with the integrations of its technology stack with new LLM-based offerings such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing Chat and Google’s Bard. By combining Wolfram’s broadly recognized expertise in computation and computational knowledge with these leading generative AI platforms, we are giving an early glimpse of the expanding range of possible applications for your business and engineering challenges.
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LLM EdTech Will Accelerate Progress in Education

Why has progress in education been generally slow—at least as measured by standardized international student assessments—compared to the rapid advances in technology over the past two decades? Why have learning management systems (LMSs), ubiquitous access to mobile devices and the availability of vast knowledge resources on the web contributed little to close the education gap between students from both higher- and lower-income backgrounds?
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