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Global Link Model
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Produttore: IHS Markit
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Questa soluzione IHS permette agli utenti di creare scenari macroeconomici personalizzati, rendendoli accessibili all'interno della propria organizzazione, e di analizzare il possibile impatto in meno di 5 minuti




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Global Link Model
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IHS EViews 9 Illustrated

The Economic Simulation Engine enables users to create their own macroeconomic scenarios and understand their impact

Anticipate the impact of change

• in energy prices
• in commodity prices
• in trade flow
• in demography
• in exchange rates
• and more, with access to the most comprehensive macroeconomic model commercially available

On the drivers of your performance

• demand projections
• portfolio optimization
• cost and benefit ratio
• business resiliency
• risk response
• and more, with an interface optimized for users across your organization


Designed to make scenario impact analysis accessible across your organization, generating a scenario and calculating the impact takes less than five minutes


The Engine is powered by the IHS Global Link Model, the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commercially available

68 individual country models—95% of global GDP—are fully linked with each other and with global drivers of economic performance.

North America:
Canada, Mexico, US

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark,
Estonia, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece,
Hungary, Ireland,
Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Malta,
Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland,
Russia, Turkey, UK

Algeria, Angola, Egypt,
Morocco, Nigeria,
South Africa, Tunisia

Latin America:
Argentina, Brazil, Chile,
Colombia, Peru, Venezuela

Australia, China, Hong
Kong, India, Indonesia,
Japan, Malaysia, New
Zealand, Philippines,
Singapore, South Korea
Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Middle East:
Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi
Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Cocoa, Coffee, Corn,
Cotton, Wheat, Rice,
Soybeans, Vegetable Oils

Aluminium, Copper
Gold, Iron Ore, Nickel,
Tin, Zinc

Coal prices
Atlantic, Pacific

Gas prices

Europe, North America,
Rest of World

Electricity prices

Oil prices
Brent, WTI


FDI allocation

Foreign reserve allocation

New credits & debt financing

Agricultural commodities

Non-agricultural commodities


Manufactured products


The Global Link Model

covers more countries and more time series than any other competitor
>> anticipate the impact of the change that is going to drive value for your organization

is the foundation for IHS industry forecasts
>> create your own growth story with consistency across supplier- and end-markets


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