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Economic Analytics
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Produttore: IHS Markit
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IHS Economic Analytics offre la più completa soluzione di dati macroeconomici. E' composta da completi strumenti software di analisi uniti ad aggiornati e accurati dati proveniente da fonti primarie e agenzie globali di più di 200 nazioni.

Economic Analytics è molto più potente di altre soluzioni concorrenti perché include il World Market Monitor dataset; questo tool fornisce, non solo gli indicatori macroeconomici e finanziari chiave di più di 200 nazioni così come sono rilasciati da fonti primarie, ma anche gli indicatori economici comparativi sviluppati da IHS.




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Economic Analytics
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Economic Analytics Brochure


Economic Analytics

The all-inclusive macroeconomic data solution is composed of a comprehensive suite of tools coupled with timely and accurately updated data from primary sources and global agencies for over 200 countries.

Designed exclusively for economists and analysts, Economic Analytics helps increase workflow efficiencies.
From time-consuming tasks such as data sourcing, to analysis and presentation, Economic Analytics provides everything you need to efficiently produce timely analysis and research of global macroeconomic developments. Economic Analytics allows access to more than 3 million timely global macroeconomic data series for more than 200 countries from National Statistical Agencies, Central Banks, International Agencies (such as the IMF, OECD, United Nations and more), and supporting financial data covering interest rates, exchange rates, commodities, equity and fixed income indices and more, updated within minutes of release. Economic Analytics also combines globally recognized and monitored forecasts from the IMF, OECD, and the European Commission to assist users in enhancing their own projections.

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Key Benefits of Economic Analytics

• Gives you a single resource for one of the most complete macroeconomic research databases available, incorporating global coverage from national government sources and international agencies. All series have complete metadata available including detailed series description, economic concept, source (including active URL where available), units, geographic location, last update and start and end dates
• Offers a reliable, trusted source for timely macroeconomic data. The same data is used by more than 1,000 IHS economists and analysts for their own research and forecasts, which are renowned for their accuracy
• Integrates comprehensive forecasts from international agencies
• Contains more than 100,000 supporting financial indicators from equity indices and fixed income instruments to commodity prices and exchange rates
• Provides unique comparable economic indicators to perform quick and easy cross-country comparative analysis


World Market Monitor

Economic Analytics differentiates itself from other data solutions as it includes our World Market Monitor dataset. The dataset provides not only key macroeconomic and financial indicators for over 200 countries as they are released from their primary sources, but also delivers IHS-generated comparative economic indicators. With this offering, users will have the information they need to easily compare data on both developed and developing economies to make timely and accurate business decisions.

Key indicators include:

• GDP and its components
• Monetary Aggregates
• Interest Rates
• Inflation
• Industrial Production (including Oil Production)
• Retail Sales
• Balance of Payments
• External Debt (and Debt Service)
• Government Finance



Delivery Platform Options

Depending on your preference or needs, IHS data is available for users in DataInsight Desktop and DataInsight-Web applications, IHS EViews®, or via IHS’ flexible data feed solutions.

DataInsight Desktop
A comprehensive navigation, time-series analysis, and graphing application. Data can be downloaded into Excel, while presentation quality graphs and tables can be imported into Excel, Word, or PowerPoint and all three can be updated quickly and easily through the DataInsight Microsoft Office toolbar.

An online data delivery platform that allows users to search, select, download, and view data in graph form. DataInsight-Web is a secure site (HTTPS) with options to save and share workbooks that can also be refreshed within Excel.

Best-in-class software used mainly for time-series oriented econometric analysis. EViews can be used for general statistical analysis and econometric analyses, such as cross-section and panel data analysis and time-series estimation and forecasting.

IDDS (data feed solution)
IHS’s Internet Data Delivery System (IDDS) is an XML-based data feed that pushes data updates (and metadata) directly to client servers. Data updates are delivered within seconds of IHS updating our database. The Ideal solution to clients who have already developed in-house applications to analyze time series data.


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