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IHS Academic Education Industry Products and Solutions
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Produttore: IHS Markit
  ADALTA è Importatore Ufficiale e Rivenditore Autorizzato per l'Italia per i prodotti IHS Markit

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La soluzione IHS per l'università raccoglie in un unico pacchetto i dati macroeconomici di più di 200 nazioni aggiornati quotidianamente, e i dati di 95 settori industriali per ciascuna delle 75 più grandi economie mondiali. Grazie agli strumenti inclusi è possibile analizzare i dati, creare proiezioni, simulare scenari, ecc...



IHS Academic Education Industry Products and Solutions include:

- Sovereign Risk Service
SRS service is most comprehensive sovereign risk ratings service available in the market. Ratings are used by clients in tandem with ratings from one of the ratings agencies (S&P, Fitch, Moody's)

SRS vantaggi:
SRS Advantage - we cover 204 countries, transparent detailed methodology.
IHS Sovereign ratings are the only source that cover all countries (205) across the timeline (short and Medium Term). The transparency of our ratings make IHS an invaluable source for comparing against the clients own risk models, as they empower the client to investigate the divergence of their rating and ours. Furthermore the independence of our ratings also make them more credible for the due diligence process.

- Country Intelligence (Advanced Country Analysis and Forecasts):
205 countries, 150 indicators forecast out to 2044

‘Same-Day Analysis’ : continuously updated Country Reports
Country risk scores and analysis
Sovereign risk ratings
Extensive historical economic data
Twenty-year forecasts

- World Industry Service
Harmonized industries and indicators constructed for consistency and comparisons across sectors and geography 95 industries for each of 75 largest economies.

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The World Industry Service provides consistent information on sector size, profitability and sales. The majority of Global Insight's clients use the World Industry Service to evaluate industry sectors on a global basis. The core service consists of a powerful, comprehensive database covering 95 industry sectors in 75 countries. The World Industry Service draws upon deep industry knowledge of our industry analysts, and our economic country managers to provide clients with a consistent set of information to track their industry and their client's industries. World Industry Service clients rely on Global Insight to:
- Compare, rank, and size sector markets at the country, regional, and global level
- Identify market risk and opportunity, track benchmarks for sales and profits
- Quantify financial and economic events by sector exposure
- Track key drivers of demand for an industry or within a country or region

Key features of WIS:
- Coverage of 95 industry sectors (ISIC code rev 3) for 75 countries, with global totals.
- All of the 95 sectors together comprise the entire economy in each of the 75 countries.
- Data is harmonized into a consistent framework
- Sector data consistent across all countries, including global totals
- Sector data harmonized to a consistent single classification
- Data forecasted out 20 years, Quarterly updates to the data and forecasts
- Full data availability for all industry components in all countries
- Sector forecasts consistent with macro forecast (top down and bottom up)
- Written analysis of industries and countries provided by Global Insight's Industry and International groups on a quarterly basis
- WIS Core Service package includes telephone and e-mail access to Global Insight's sector analysts for custom discussion and further analysis.

Key Indicators Covered:
Industry level forecasts for 95 industry sectors in each of 75 countries:
- Total sales (Gross Output)
- Operating profits
- Domestic Consumption
- Purchases of Supplies & Inputs
- Industry Value Added
- Exports and Imports
- CapEx (Fixed Investment)
- Depreciation (Capital Consumption)
- Sector Production Index
- Sector Price Index

Country level detail for 75 countries:
- GDP, Exchange Rates, Prices, Population

High Frequency Indicators of Sector Activity include
- Production Index, Value Added, Producer Prices
Forecast Frequency: Quarterly
-Forecasts Done Four Times per Year, with a Forecast Release Date of The First Week of the First Month of Each Quarter (January, March, June, September)

- Economics Analytics database
IHS Economics Analytics provides you with a complete macroeconomic analysis and research solution, designed by economists for economists. The solution allows access to timely global macroeconomic timeseries data coverage from National Statistical Agencies, Central Banks, International Agencies (such as IMF and OECD), and supporting financial data covering interest rates, exchange rates, commodities, equity indices and much more.


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